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They're not. A lot of the textures are reused and texture quality has nothing to do with performance, other than VRAM capacity. Skyrim has bad textures because they ported it from the Xbox360 not because the game is so vast. Skyrim is like Crysis 2, in the fact they made no attempt on during developement to improve the fidelity on the PC.

If you believe that Skyrim's graphics are limited to it's size, you're badly mistaken, texture mods should show you that. Texture quality has zero impact on performance, assuming you have the VRAM and texture quality setting are only there for cards with lower VRAM
Yes and the game already is topping the standard VRAM Size for the average PC. I have used Texture mods in other Bethesda games and trust me there is a performance hit, if you do the high end Oblivion Mods you can bring even a top rig down to where it acts all crappy.
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