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Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic Pre Orders

Really did enjoy it once I was able to get in and play. tried 4 classes, bounty hunter being my fav of the 4 with Jedi Consular a close second. Also tried a Sith warrior which I didn't much like and an Imp Agent that was pretty cool too. Getting at launch, already have a group of RL friends playing anyway so that should be fun.

I do have to say though, without the voice acting and the way the quests are made to feel deeper than kill x of these, collect x of those (even though they really do boil down to that really) I don't think they'd get much sales even with the SW license.

At the very least It kept me involved and wanting to see the next plot twist in the character quests, and the side quests were fun. We'll see how long it keeps my interest but digging it at the very least.
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