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Default Re: Zelda Skyward Sword gets a 10

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
I can't believe there isn't more talk about this game on the forum.

It is smashing the charts with the review scores.

First GI game to ever get a 10/10
IGN gave it a 10/10 which is RARE. Maybe 6 games in history have gotten that.
First game to get a 10/10 by Edge since OOT.
Official Nintendo Magazine gave it a 98% which ties the highest with OOT.

The last time a game got these sort of reviews was.... well... OOT.

Oh and a 4/5 from Giant Bomb is meaningless. That was the douche who gave Twilight Princess an 86. I freakin loved that game.

This is a ZELDA game. Happens once every 5 years. I'm shocked no one is hyped about this.
Maybe it's because some of us are sick of playing the same reskined Nintendo franchises after 20 years of it. *yawn*
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