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Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
Look, I think Witcher 2 looks amazing, but to say they are the same game type and that size of the game makes no difference is laughable.

First off, they aren't even close to the same kind of game. The Witcher 2 is a linear, corridor style rpg. Sykrim is a wide open sandbox type rpg.

Second, size, as well as scale, absolutely matter in terms of graphics and textures. TW2 wouldn't look nearly as good as it does it it were a wide open, open world rpg. The reason they were able to pull of such amazing graphics is because of the nature of the game they built. If you tried to put TW2 style graphics in Skyrim (or even the original Witcher) there wouldn't be a computer in the world that could run it. Maxed out (with Ubersampling) TW2 uses about 700mb of vram. My copy of Skyrim, without mods and some ini tweaks uses ~1200mb. Adding more fidelity would make it unplayable on 99.9% of computers, including yours.

When I first loaded up the game I was disappointed as well. But after playing for a while, I'm completely impressed with how it looks overall. It's a living breathing world, and I'd rather have a wide open world that looks like this than a closed off corridor game that looked like TW2.

The only thing that smells of console port to me is the atrocious UI, which I can't stand.
They all the same games, doesn't matter about size of the game. Gothic 4 has superior draw distance, the patch fixes the issues with it. Skyrim does have poor LOD just like their other same engine games and they have made the grass draw distance good because there is much less of it. As I can see, there is no long grass any more, it all looks like weeds.

The game is clearly pure console with a few features bolted on, FOV, control, inventory let this game down immensely. Tweaks are fine but technically, it's on of the worst releases for the PC if you look at the defaults.

I do love Skyrim but the things I mentioned are just stupid and let the game down. I hope devs patch it well and add some PC features. Fidelity wise, Gothic 4 could be called a 2011 game, Skyrim is about 2008 with some 2004 textures and shadows thrown in.
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