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I agree to a certain extent that more posts dont necessaryly equal good posts. But few posts DO equal dead forums. If no one ever posts anything, how can there be discussions.

The personal attack should have come through PMs in the first place. The public display of it should not have happened. It's like an execution, one where there are spectators.

There should be NO line between mods and members.

Moderators are simply members who possess certain 'perks'. Nothing more. Nothing a moderator says or does is any more valid (?) than something a member says or does. They are members selected to move threads that don't belong, edit out posts that could start a flamewar, etc. They are not God.

There was happiness in anarchy, until the anarchists were wiped out. The anarchy that existed in Spain was a utopia. Until it was destroyed. The 'anarchy' that existed in ubb5 was also a utopia. Until it was crushed.
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