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I have yet to find a game where the shadow quality was ever really good. The dx11 update to crysis 2 was a big jump, but self shadowing still showed signs of blockyness and textures the shadowing missed. For the majority of the games out there though, the shadow detail never matches the resolution, and self shadowing is always bad and glitchy.

Bad water? seriously? I think its probably the best water behind crysis 1/2. They used alot of artistic licensing to get the water to do a lot of things, and fall alot of ways. The majority of games don't have water change levels at all, and when some do like crysis, its only a waterfall that uses a single particle technique to show it. Also the shader used is probably the best I have seen that creates the illusion of wave depth, even though the water geometry is flat. It also does a better job at object impacts then say witcher 2. I kinda cringed at the boat scenes cause the wake effects and splash were so bad.

Static lighting? where? even indoors the flickering of light sources is very apparent.

I am sorry but I am an absolute graphics *****.. I even knock MW3 and BF3 for some of the ways it looks, and I still give skyrim a thumbs up.
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