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Originally Posted by Crow_Nest View Post
Poor textures, i was hoping for better. But the environments and landscapes are breath taking. The best ive seen in any game.
This is my consensus as well. It's the same old gamebryo engine with some polish to it.

The textures up close aren't anything to be wowed by but when you take a step back and look at the environment overall, it's stunning and far superior to witcher 2 (since we're trying to make that comparison).

The details in the environment are absolutely mind numbing and so far ahead of any other game on the market. Witcher 2 has nice scenic vistas and back drops but the game confines you into small little combat areas. Skyrim's massive open world gives SUCH a better feeling of being tiny in this huge expansive world.

This whole low res texture business will be a moot point anyways as there are already high res texture mods rolling out.

Skyrim for me is hands down the most incredibly immersive and addicting game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I can't imagine how much better it will be after 3~4 months worth of modding after the dev kit comes out.

I've gone back and looked at some of my screeshots of my fully modded oblivion with quarls texture pack and other graphics tweaks and aside from some higher res surface textures, skyrim dominates oblivion in every way graphically.
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