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Default Re: Zelda Skyward Sword gets a 10

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I'm excited about it, but I was excited about Twilight Princess and could barely finish the game. And when I did, I felt that the ending was a major letdown.

TP was highly reviewed as well.

I'll pick it up when I get some time (and a Motion+), but I'll try to keep my expectations in check.

ZF, what did you think of TP?
I really enjoyed TP, but it was not as memorable as OOT. OOT absolutely floored me from the moment I turned on the N64.

TP had some good and bad things (mostly good):

-Incredible dungeon design (I actually liked this element better than OOT)
-Incredible combat (it basically expanded on OOT - I actually liked the waggle)
-Incredible boss battles (my favorite boss battle ever is the dragon in the sky temple)
-Good story
-Epona Combat rocked

-didn't like wolf form
-didn't introduce anything "new" or "revolutionary" (not necessarily a bad thing, but I felt like I was playing OOT version 2.0 not a new Zelda)
-characters weren't as memorable as in OOT

TP was one of my favorite games. 2nd favorite ever on the Wii (my first was Mario Galaxy), and third favorite Zelda ever (first being OOT and second being ALTTP).

Skyward Sword seems to address all the "bad" and it's being rated a lot higher that TP ever was. TP didn't get any 10s from major review publications. Skyward sword is.
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