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Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Because that's all those "other" games advertise as a selling point, graphics. Look at Crysis 2, all that game is lets see how many worthless graphic features we can overdo and cram into one engine. Then we will spend about 2 minutes on thinking up a story. Id rather a game deliver game play first than graphics second. If it's the other way around like most games today have been then whats the point of playing the game? Just fire up 3dmark11 if you want to look at graphics.
Just continue speaking out of context because you may as well be saying, blah, blah. If you don't care about the graphics then WTF have you even bother posting?

If you think I'm going around poisoning people into thinking the graphics are not good then why bother posting your useless drivel about gameplay here? it's worthless. Perhaps you should complain to the person who made the thread, because graphics don't matter with this game, clearly.
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