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Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Because people are too afraid to say what they want to say about games incase they upset someone else who doesn't like their view.

Just a bunch of hypocrites that will all download the high resolution textures as soon some are available and forget their oh so mighty gameplay while they look at them.
Why would I argue with the OP of this thread? The only thing he said later on is that he was impressed by them. You are the one who hopped in this thread like always and started spewing your BS about how environments aren't graphics, and other retarded sayings. You know that if you don't consider an environment as the overall graphics of a game, then you wouldn't have a game at all. You could just take a bunch of super detailed rocks and pile them up in a corner and say, OMG this game has the best graphics ever. It's when you take those little details, and merge them together perfectly you get a highly graphical environment in your game. Sorry if you thought graphics consisted of just high res textures.

Yes, you can go searching for that one low res texture, look at it up close 5" away to make it look even worse, then say how the whole game has bad graphics due to that one single low res texture. I don't see the point in doing that though. Guess if you just want to whine about something, then it works.

Anyways, I seem to be upsetting your view on the graphics as I think they look fine as is. Goes both ways.
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