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Default Re: 1.0-5328 released.

Originally posted by Andy Mecham

Go forth and download.

Well, I hate to break the string of grevious gripes, but I've got to. These things actually seem like an improvement over the 4496's. I was never very impressed with the 4620's but games like ut2003, and all of the usual linux garbage appears to be quite a bit smoother and quicker. Totally subjective and useless observation, I know

I'm using 2.6.0 + Nick's latest .27 scheduler patch + my own 'get rid of pci badness' patch + minion's latest. This is on an nf7 mobo with fedora core 1 1/2 (all from fc2 development alpha/beta whatever).

Again, I apologize for liking them, but, oh well, I do.

Then again, maybe I'm the only person left without a samsung x10.
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