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Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
Exactly what I thought. You are just talking out of your ass or else you'd show us these magical screens of these other games that look so much better. I'll make it easy for ya, the shots don't exist because those games don't look better graphically than Skyrim.

Don't get all butthurt because people are sick of listening to you whine and make ridiculous claims without ever backing any of it up. Like I said, put up or shut up. No visual evidence, no reason to keep saying the same nonsense over and over again. And before you use the smilie excuse, you might want to go back to your posts and add them in, because you have half a dozen of them with no smilies saying the same thing, including where you said Oblivion had better fidelity.

Oh really? Sean_W said Oblivion had higher fidelity. Well how about this:

That close enough for ya? It doesn't matter where you take shots from, Skyrim looks vastly superior to Oblivion. Up close, long range, it makes no difference.
See my above post, you completely missed my point because I was talking about texture and shadow fidelity, not models and environments. Learn to read first before you rag on people. Also, go back and read my posts and see if you can find where I said anything about 'all' of the graphics in Skyrim are worse than Oblivion because I didn't.
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