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Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Learn to read first, H3avyM3tal knows what I mean. I never said Oblivion looks better than Skytim, I said the a lot of the textures and shadows are better quality in Oblivion.

Go look a few pages back and see the two shots of what I took of the shadow and texture quality in Skyrim.
So what do you mean a lot look better in Oblivion? Do you mean that Oblivion has better quality textures overall? If so it makes me wonder if you even played Oblivion without any mods, because the texture quality is horrible compared to SKyrim. I would like to see a texture in Oblivion that looks better than Skyrim. Same with a shadow. Vanilla please, no modded BS either.

Why would I look at your screenshots? If you wanted that shadow to be realistic it wouldn't be as sharp and defined as it already is in your screenshot. It would be blurry and not well defined.

Ok, so you found one of the very few low res textures in the game among thousands of higher res ones. Big deal? It's more than likely just a bug as the devs are already working on a patch to fix the PC issues.
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