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I can find plenty of poor textures in the game, the one I found was a example but again, I said there are some nice areas like Riften. The main poor quality textures are the rocks and the shadows that case on them are blocky.

If it's a bug with moving shadow quality then fine but static shadows on the ground from trees seems to be good quality. Some of you guys may not be bothered about these details(I see people making tweaks in the main thread about it, so you cannot be that not bothered). Game developers always go on about small details, they spend time doing it, they put videos out show how detailed their game is. but all of a sudden your guys seem to turn a blind eye to this one.

If you are going to rag on me about some minor graphics quality issue and then make ini tweaks in game for higher fidelity, then that makes you a hypocrite.
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