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Thumbs up Past 2 months = most ive ever spent buying games.

The past 2 months have been amazing for great games. Iíve spent more money past two months on games then I usually would in two years+ time.
So many great games, Iíve bought or preordered.

Battlefield 3
Star wars the old republic (preorder)
Sonic Generations
Dungeon Defenders
Cities XL 2012
Batman Arkham City
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Uncharted 3
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate
Upgraded ps3 hard drive from 40gb to 300gb

Iíve bought a red 3ds and got:
Zelda OOT
Mario Land

Iíve preordered a PSVita 3G (early adopter get it on the 15th instead of the 22nd)

Also preordered Zelda Skyward sword.

Not including pc hardware thatís over $1200 in two months which is allot for me on games. I guess what Iím getting at is this has been the best year of gaming for me. Usually I spent 2k on hardware and have 1-2 games to play that year. This year Iíve spent nothing on hardware (other than new handhelds) and have too much to play.

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