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Some of you guys are missing the point. The screenshots I took are the bad parts that shouldn't be like that. A lot of the game I've seen so far does look really nice and if I didn't like the graphics overall , I wouldn't be posting nice screenshots in the screenshot thread.

The game would look much better with the deferred lighting and that's why it pretty much looks washed out and the lighting looks way too soft. it's like Crysis actually, Crysis 2's deferred lighting system looks much nicer. The game and landscapes look nice but not as nice as if they updated their engine with new tech, though deferred lighting isn't that new and shows how far Bethesda's engine is behind.

It makes me chuckle a bit when people say they don't go around looking at walls and floors for the detail. Game developers spend time on that detail, hoping you will look at it and appreciate it. It's not all about looking starry eyed at sunsets and nice skies.
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