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Talking I have that setup

With almost exactly the same hardware.

Except my card is a an FX-5600Ultra.

My card has both an extra monitor and an S-Video output port.

It also came with an S-Video to A-V adapter.

Step one, bought a set of A-V cables from the local hardware store, cost me about 5 bucks (that's less than one USD).

Step two plugged these into the machine and TV.
Switched the TV to AV in and voila, had full view in BIOS and Terminal.

At this stage however, it died in X.

Read the FAQ section of the readme, complete with a chapter on TwinView, set it up and voila.

In my case, my older 17" monitor can only do 1024x768 but my new TV can do that as well.
So I set up a meta mode to give them both that value.
I had to tell it what TwinView Devices it was to use:
Finally I set the TwinView Offset to 0 - turning the TV effectively into a cloned display.

Now I have my USB keyboard and dual optical mouse on the BOX itself, in front of the monitor for gaming, and the wireless PS/2 set on the coffee table.
It's like the most powerfull DVD remote control ever

And people pay 20 grand for home entertainment systems.
The whole setup INCLUDING the computer was less than 10 - and I have a computer to boot
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