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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Your missing the point Sean_W.
We don't need a thread like this for every game (you didn't start this one, but your fueling it)! You started one with Crysis 2 shortly after the release. You trashed RAGE. Now you complain about Skyrim. It's getting really, really old!

We don't need more negativity around here. The quality of the posts on this forum went down hill for quite some time now, you don't need to make it worse with these type of "discussions". You made your point clear a few months ago with Crysis 2. Hell, even in this thread you made your point very clear. Everyone here gets it.
Leave it at that, please.

Besides, if it would use a super fancy engine, it would perform much worse and that would result in other complaints - usually from the same guys.

This is a brilliant game - go enjoy it.
There you go again in thinking I don't enjoy the games. I clearly enjoy them more that most because I appreciate the small details and I don't run around with blinkers not looking at stuff.

Lots of people complained about RAGE and Crysis 2 and for good reason but lucky for us, Skyrim is very tweakable. The sh*tty defaults that Bethesda provided us with are what I mainly rant about. I'm enjoying the game but I'm switching between three RPG's at the moment because I enjoy them for their strengths.
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