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I have zero problems with tribes 2 on launch.. and thought of it as a great sequel to the first. I thought of it as just bigger and badder in all ways. Course I was a 3dfx user at the time, if you relied on d3d then your life was a bit worse, with major performance issues and glitches.

Tribes 1/2 is pretty much if UO and team fortress had kids. Kids..with jet packs. The game offered many different weapon types, restricting some to the armor type you were wearig. The jet packs made the game, and the game made every bit of use out of them. Maps would have many mountains and hills, bases would be on top of said peaks or suspended high in the air. You had a radar and motion sensing systems you had to maintain, and destructable generators to power your systems defenses as well as inventory stations. it was all so glorious!

grabbing that beta now!
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