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Default Re: Upgrading from 5770 to...?

Originally Posted by shilk View Post
It's a 2.0. That's cool, I didn't know that.

I see you were interested in getting his cards as well. If anything, I'll wait it out for the 7 series GPU and see what happens. Not sure if I can guarantee I won't snatch those cards up though if you don't, heh.
Don't sweat it man- if you have the means to pick up his cards then do it! Wont bother me in the least.

EDIT: That might be a nice solution to hold you over till the 7 series. If you picked up two of his cards now, in a couple month you could likely still sell both for about $150 ($75 a piece). That should pay for the majority of the "7770" or whatever AMD will call it. And if the 7 series turns out to be a major let down, just keep the two 5870s till something more suitable comes along. Dual 5870s is a whole lot of graphics power, especially at 1440x900. When you upgrade your monitor you'll likely breathe new life into those 5870s because you'll remove more of the CPU bottleneck.

Originally Posted by shilk View Post
Does the $20 price difference between the 1100T and 1090T really warrant it, though? I mean, I don't think it's a problem about the price, but if 1ghz is all the difference then I can swing for the 1090T. 1ghz for $20 seems a bit silly to me.

I might pick it up at the local Fry's then since it's the same exact prices as newegg. If I'm going to pay the same amount of tax, I'd rather have it in my hands in 10 minutes as opposed to 4 days.
The biggest difference between the 1090T and 1100T is AMD's "TurboCore"- which is essentially their version of Intel's "Turbo Mode" for the Core i7's. If that isn't a huge concern for you, I'd save the money and go for the 1090T if you plan to manually over clock it. If you don't plan to manually over clock it that 1100T may be a better deal cause it'll over clock itself up to 3.7GHz.
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