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Default Re: Upgrading from 5770 to...?

Originally Posted by shilk View Post
Hehe, will do.

I usally max out everything I can first and see how it runs, then slowly turn down effects that have little visual impact like decals and stuff. At this resolution, the 5770 has been great, but I can see the lag in some games (Assassin's Creed II/Brotherhood, Skyrim, etc.) if I leave some options on. There's some pretty bad stutter at times as well.

With the newest Catalyst drivers, I can max out Skyrim to ultra, and it's very playable. But if I make sudden 180 turns, it's super choppy. If anything, the 5870 will help, tons later on.

Oh, God. I don't even want to get into monitors. There's so many right now that it's hard to choose from.

Same reason why I got the 5770. It's not this giant furnace of a card, and for what I can accomplish it was perfect. I am, however, looking to get a little more "oomph" for now as I have been laid off yet again and finally have some time to catch up with games. Being able to turn on ALL of the eyecandy will definitely be awesome.
Well, I think part of your problem may be the processor... uncertain though. "Smooth, playable performance" is very subjective and I seem to be far more forgiving of lower framerates than many. I say this because with my 5770 playing at 1920 x 1200 I was insanely pleased. Yes, I did bump in to the cards limits but it was very seldom. I feel more restrained with this 4870 but mostly due to the significantly smaller framebuffer- the performance over all is there but where I could crank AA up with the 5770 I cannot with the 4870. Not a deal breaker for me as IQ is secondary to a great story and atmosphere IMO.

As to monitors... again I feel this is very subjective. It's kind of like picking out speakers- everybody's ears perceive audio a bit differently. What may be pleasing to somebody will be attrocious to another. Same goes for monitors. What one individual thinks is a very nice monitor another will think the exact opposite.
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