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Originally posted by tstate
Ok, I did some more testings. I swaped the cards from the A7N Board with the one from the

Quake3 demo four, 1280x1024/32, vertex, trilinear
A7N, GFX 5200: 50FPS
A7N, GF4 MX440: 85FPS
A7V, GF4 MX440: 95FPS
A7V, GFX 5200: 50FPS

Then I tried one run with Quake under Windows (Just for checking)
A7V, GFX 5200: 47FPS

I think this problem goes beyond the Drivers and Distro.

Both my Geforces are from Gainward. I've seen this comparison yesterday on the net:
And the GFX is slightly better than the GF4 MX. As it should be!
what can we do, now ??
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