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Default Excessive Xorg CPU usage while running CUDA apps


I'm running a GT 440 on a server which crunches for various BOINC projects that offer CUDA work. With recent drivers and Xorg, I've noticed an excessive CPU usage (+90%) by the Xorg server and I suspect the NV driver being at fault here. Specifically when running Milkyway@home, "top" reports ~95% CPU usage by X. Previously X CPU usage used to be between 10 and 20% but after upgrading the OS to a newer version (with newer Xorg as well) this started to happen. My Xorg package is version 7.6 and I'm on openSUSE 12.1 (64-bit)

To give a summary about CPU usage by project while crunching CUDA tasks

- Milkyway@home: 100% of one core + 95% of X
- Einstein@home: 23% of one CPU core + 10% of X
- PrimeGrid: 6% of one CPU core + 30% of X
- GPUGRID: 70% of one CPU core + 80% of X

Any idea if I can do something to lower the CPU usage by X ?

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