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Huh, odd, just for the heck of it I decided to try running the game at 1024x768 with 2xAA on my machine, and at least in the areas I was in, it never dropped below 15 FPS (at least not whenever I looked at fraps). Now there's no way in hell my aging TI4200 is able to play it better then 9800s (which many people have been complaining have to play at 800x600 to get above 20fps). I wonder if there's some kind of engine limitation, it's possible that the shadows are somehow limiting the max FPS you can get in certain scenes (kinda like how Homeworld only ran at like 24 FPS in the cutscenes because of the tic rate). If that is the case, then a patch could theoreticly raise the framerate on all machines. Kinda like how Outcast is skippy at 512x384 no matter what computer you run it on. BTW, anyone know where to get that auto-tweaker program for DX:IW?

Oh, and while it is kinda a bummer to not have leaning anymore, it wasn't really that useful in the first game because I found out that you're just as visible peaking around a corner as you are standing there (at least guards always seemed to notice me when I only peaked my head around a box). I donno, after hearing some of the complaints about DX:IW, I'm wondering why noone seems to remember all the faults that DX1 had (at least the AI in DX:IW doesn't automaticly know exactly where you are when you fire your weapon).

The tiny maps are kinda annoying, but they sure did condense everything. Seems like now you only have to walk like a couple hundred feet to get to the objective sometimes, in the origional you had to hike through a like a mile of open areas to get anywhere. Wonder how hard it would be for a mod group to combine some of the maps into 1 so that there wouldn't be as much load time (since it should just take a bit of re-writing the triggers to get it to work). Though we'd actually need the map source file to get that to work...
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