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Default Re: Rumor: Windows 8 to play Xbox 360 games?

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I don't see how this isn't possible... couldn't you essentially run an "XBox 360 VM" with a 360 controller and have it work? They could make your computer have a minimal WEI in order to use the feature to ensure the games play back fine. Kinda' like XP Mode in 7 Pro and Ultimate, only it could be called "XBox 360 Mode" or something.

Not only that, the 360 uses DX9 and a variation of DX10 features if I'm not mistaken, thus the settings in your driver control panel should stick... I'd imagine.

Interesting concept none the less.
No, the processors are different architectures. It would only be possible if the computer's hardware were substantially better than the 360's. In terms of graphics, that may be the case. But as for the CPU, probably not. PowerPC emulation at that scale wouldn't run very well.

It is possible to compile the code for both architectures. That may be what they already do with most console-ported games.

I mean realistically, we're a GUI away from this being true. But there would still be PC-only discs, and 360-only discs.

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
If they didn't recompile x86 native binaries (which is possible) this wouldn't happen.
Originally Posted by jlippo View Post
Pure emulation would be very hard to do, due to the PPU - x86 and stuff like memexport.
GPU would most likely be the easier. (relatively traditional GPU even with daughter die.)

Easiest way would be creation of new executables like they did with xbox1 games on x360.
Guys beat me to it.
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