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Default Re: Waterfox 8.0 Final (64 bit Firefox)

That benchmark appeared to be frame capped at 60fps. Was sitting at 63 - 64fps through the entire test.

Score: 10086

Total CPU Time: 9.83s, Total Lag: 0ms

Using IE9 on an I7 2600K @ 4.2ghz.

Chrome 15 pulls:

Score: 11579
Total CPU Time: 7.46s, Total Lag: 0ms

Difference being that it ran at 59 - 60 fps the whole time.

I'd have to guess this test relies on your GPU more than the CPU.

EDIT: Not really, ATI overdrive is showing between 0 and 5% GPU activity with the card still downclocked.

I can generate lag if I start minimizing or maximizing other windows. Other than that both runs there is 0 on the lag meter.
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