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There are working really well for me on an abit nf7 (athlon xp but with nforce2 chipset). Has someone run their 'oops' through ksymoops here? If so, can you post it? Don't worry. I don't belong to that 'WFM' club that thinks it must be your fault just because it happens to work well for me. It sounds like there's a pretty bad problem and I'm the oddball for not having it.

As fas as speed goes, it's only important if you're saying you're one of those who're getting something crazy like 4fps on glxgears. Otherwise most of this crap is margin of error amounts.

I've got an older board I'll try them on too, (a kt7a which is an old via board). Maybe that one will fail and I can try getting some debugging info.

Also: Anyone with problems, can you please list the contents of 2 directories (if you have them):

"ls -al /usr/lib/tls"
"ls -al /usr/X11R6/lib/tls"

Also list any 2d symptoms if you get that far, as well as any /var/log/XF*.log errors you see. No need to write a novel here, but anything might help, so try to diff out some errors instead of listing entire logs.

And also, 90% or so of those pci badness messages are from a kernel bug in conjunction with an nvidia bug, which is produced because of the frequency of interrupt and lenght of time to service it. The ISR sometimes loses track of the device id and manu id, but this can be patched (I came up with a patch for it), but it's not a big deal of an error and the interrupt winds up serviced on the next pass anyway. The worst thing about this one is that it winds up doing too much i/o to the /var/system/log file. There's another pci badness error that is much worse and will kill performance but I'm still trying to figure that one out.

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