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Originally posted by Papol
Zander, the minion site is great. Thanks. I've noticed only one thing that could cause some of the problems people are having. If for some reason, you unpack your drivers, then decide not to user nvidia-installer or repack into a new * file, but rather use a 'make' from usr/src/nv, then the GLX drivers remain at the last version. I looked over the makefile and don't see why this is, but at first I found in /usr/lib/tls the GL drivers of the previous version.

However: If you recreate an * package and run it, it first creates the /usr/lib/tls GL drivers and all seems well.
This is expected behavior, the Makefile in usr/src/nv installs the kernel module, only. The top-level Makefile may be used to install the user-space driver components, but its use is highly discouraged. Instead, use a Linux 2.6 compatible variant of the .run installer, which will install/update all driver components as necessary. Prebuilt packages are now available as well.
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