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Default Re: Regression: Warcraft shows blue rectangle instead of transparency

I've flown all around eastern kingdoms and kalimdor doing the pilgrims bounty on a few toons and the bad news is that I cannot find a place other than firelands with this problem. I've not been to northrend yet, but that cannot be reached by a trial account either.

However, I have seen a lighting issue which could possibly be related in Trisifal Glades, undercity starting zone (undead).

The first picture shows black effects on and around trees in the disance. moving slighty causes them to go white, but i was unable to take a screen shot showing this. Also requires flying which is lvl60, so no trial either.

The 2nd picture shows bright white there should not be any in the distance. This can is found standing in Trisifal Glades again @ 74.56,56.94 facing west and a tiny bit south, about 8:42 on a clock face. It's small, but it's the only place I can find reachable by a trial account.

I have no idea if this is the same issue, or a regression or not.
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