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Originally posted by Nosewheelie
Oh no...
Go here for a definition:

They are the quick and dirty way of moving in and out of runlevel 5 to 3 and back again.

Now that we have used your "export CC" fix to run that installer, there are apparently other incompatibilities in that thing that possibly result in other anomolies???

telinit was certainly working the very last moments before the compile, because "telinit 3" is the command that I always use to exit from X and drop instantly to the line command screen.

Apparently you have the same result???? Dat not good...

Anyone know how to get out of this arrangement??? The two files, telinit and init, are still in my /sbin directory where they are supposed to be, but the system no longer knows what they mean.

There must be a config path file in Linux somewhere that now no longer has the path, but then navigating to that directory in a terminal window logged on as root still produced the same blank looks.

I'm open to ideas!

Thanks for that link.... I get the idea now.

I would asume that you boot your system directly into the GUI (init 5)???
So that command on init 3 will shutdown X and put you in command mode.

It probably doesn't work for me, since I boot my system into init 3 mode, and run X from command line.

I know there's a file that contains the system paths, but I can't remember what it was called or where it's located.

I think your path stuff should be correct, as other files would not run if the path was tampered with.

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