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Originally Posted by MowTin View Post

I have never played an MMO. Tried this after free-to-play.

I'm doing the Grogg mission. Sometimes these gorillas do damage like -1, -4, -7. But sometimes the damage spikes to -17, -34 and more.

I'm level 5 with 141 defense. Am I missing something?

(I was enjoying this until running into this frustrating problem)
Got some help from a DC Universe forum. Replying in case someone else ever has the same question.

The key for me was getting a healing power. That allowed me to back off and regenerate. And it's more fun to do Grogg's base or Queen Bee base with someone else. Group up and it's much easier to do.

Finally try to draw enemies away from groups. In a group they can stun you and do massive damage in seconds. Alone they are more manageable.

I never played or wanted to play an MMO before, this game is a lot of fun and has a great deal of depth. Creating your own super hero and playing in the DC Universe is what makes this game shine.
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