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Default Re: Can't overclock 2500k

Originally Posted by Jon View Post
I've read every guide and forum i can find. But i can't even get it stable at 3.7ghz. Auto voltage gives me 1.34v. I can run Prime95 for 12+ hours. But Skyrim / BF3 Ctd after just a few minutes. Its a Gigabyte z68 board btw. Surely thats enough voltage for 3.7ghz? 4ghz is just the same. Should i increase the voltage more?
That seems like waaaaay too much voltage for 3.7ghz.... Have you by chance run a memtest on your RAM? I had a system once that kept getting progressively less stable. First it wouldn't run at 4ghz any more, then 3.8, then 3.6 etc etc. until it would blue screen at stock speeds.

Happened to be a bad stick of RAM.
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