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Exclamation ksymoops output

[edit]: The problem described here is the same as that others have been seeing, and was fixed by using the patches from . A few tweaks were required to get the patches to work on FC1 with a stock FC kernel - please see my later post on the matter. The post title begins with FC1[/edit]

I'm attaching the output of ksymoops, as taken from the `dmesg` snippet containing the oops. I hope this will be useful in getting this fixed.

On the upside, these drivers enable me to switch to the text console (VGACON, not VESA or rivafb) - with the last couple of releases the console has been totally nonfunctional or "invisible" (input accepted but no display). They're also the first non-beta drivers that've worked on my system (FC1, GF4Ti4200, 1.5GHz Athlon 1800+, Via KT266, 768MB RAM)

Note: I'm also seeing messages like this from the kernel:

0: NVRM: couldn't find pre-allocated memory!
0: NVRM: couldn't find pre-allocated memory!

whenever I run an OpenGL application (glxgears, for example).

Please note that I'm using the standard FC1 kernel (2.4.22-1.2129.nptl). ksymoops seems to have issues finding some loaded modules, which is odd, but produces a trace anyway. Hopefully it'll be useful. I can be reached at "craig <at> postnewspapers [dot] com **au**" if needs be.

I've also attached a full dmesg.
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