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Default Re: Can't overclock 2500k

Ok, well, I'm not having much luck tonight. First things, I have the latest Nvidia beta drivers. I can't say for sure that Skyrim / BF3 aren't the issue. All I can say is I'm level 22 in BF3... and at 4ghz it CTDs about 3 times an hour. At stock, its not done it yet. Same with Skyrim, no problems at stock, occasional CTD oced.

I've grabbed memtest86+ 4.20 but it doesn't do anything. I reboot and instead of getting the memtest blue screen with percentage bar as normal, it just sits at "loading operating system". I didn't see any mention of Z68 in the patch notes. I'm just grabbing OCCT to give that a try. I don't see how else I can test the ram. Any ideas?

As for GPUs, I bought factory OC'd GPUs but for the moment have reduced them to Nvidia stock speeds to eliminate them from being the issue.

EDITED: For some reason, the ISO seems to be Memtest 4.10, I'm using the USB one now which is 4.20 and its finally running. I passed all tests once... its on its second run now.
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