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Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
I was expecting good graphics. When I first saw them in the trailer, I thought it looked a little better than Oblivion. Now that I've played it, I can very confidently say that it looks A LOT BETTER than Oblivion. Some of you argue that the graphics are only a slight upgrade from Oblivion when it was released. I beg to differ. The depth of the textures (layers, effects, minute details) are far higher in most areas. Yes, there are a few areas where the textures could be better, but face it. Every game suffers from this. This isn't just a Skyrim issue.

The detail in and around the world is astounding. If you think the detail outside is great, wait until you see the caves and dungeons. That is where the magic has really happened. The dungeons in Skyrim are the most beautiful I've ever seen in an adventure game, period. No contest there.
I don't even own the game yet but I can already see this just from watching 1080p videos on youtube and all the screenshot. Game looks absolutely amazing in my opinion.
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