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Default Re: Skyrim graphics

I absolutely hate when someone picks apart the graphic quality of a massive game like this (I'm looking at you Sean_W). This game just oozes quality from every area of the game.

Are the graphics as good as Crysis 2 DX11? No, but the areas were much more confined and scripted in Crysis 2. Are the graphics as good as the original Crysis? I believe they are, and as a bonus, I think Skyrim runs better, even though it has larger landscapes. Are the graphics as good as Battlefield 3? That's the million dollar question. In terms of visual fidelity (yes, I said fidelity) Battlefield 3 wins on lighting, particle effects, and texture quality. In terms of overall immersiveness of the environments/maps, though, Skyrim takes it handily. The thing that Skyrim gets right is the colors. During a bright sunny day, the colors are rich, vibrant, and gorgeous. On an overcast day, the colors are muted and dull. At night, it's nearly black-and-white. All of these interpretations of light sources are very accurate, and it's apparent that some people don't like it. They were expecting Oblivion with nicer textures and better acting. Instead, they got a living, breathing world.

Just to put this in perspective, I've never played a game that actually felt like Skyrim. Not once. Skyrim sets the bar so damn high that it will take other developers years to catch up. I'm not talking about that rock that has a sub-par texture on it. I'm talking about how convincing all the different areas of the game are. Heading into a blizzard? Expect to not be able to see 10 feet in front of you. Travel at night? You'll still be able to see, but it's going to be much more muted... almost spooky looking. Go out in the rain? The area becomes hazy with the showers.

Bethesda did their homework on this game. They missed a few textures... respectfully Sean_W, WHO THE **** CARES?!?!?!? As a complete package, Skyrim blows every other game out of the water visually and in terms of immersion in both the story and the world.

Skyrim should be GOTY. Bethesda has set another graphical standard. No, it doesn't have the most beautiful, "drop your framerate into single digits" type graphics. Instead, Bethesda focused on producing a living world. Mission Accomplished. Easily.

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