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Thumbs up FC1 - works4me with patch, tweaks

@zander: Indeed - that seems to have done the trick, with a few tweaks. I'd have tried it earlier if I'd properly clicked that the patch wasn't 2.6 only (blame it on it being post-midnight here). Thanks for the quick reply.

For anybody else needing to use Fedora Core 1 with this driver and the default FC kernel, I needed to perform a few tweaks.

First: a Red Hat patch to the kernel has added a typedef for irqreturn_t to the default kernel includes; as such, you'll need to comment out

typedef void irqreturn_t;

from nv-linux.h (after applying the 2.6 patch) to get the drivers to compile. For those totally unfamiliar with C (though I'm pretty close to that state...), replacing the line with:

/* typedef void irqreturn_t; */

will do the trick nicely.

As the Nvidia driver build process needs a valid .config you'll need to:

cp /boot/config-`uname -r` /usr/src/linux-`uname -r`/.config

if you're using a FC packaged kernel. Naturally this won't do you much good unless you have the kernel-source RPM for your kernel image installed.

You'll also want to

export CC=gcc32

before running

make install

to make sure you build the interface with the compiler RH used to build the fedora kernel. Once I got all that sorted, it worked a treat (at least with NvAGP=1). RenderAccel is still happy. Performance seems back to normal:

12949 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2589.800 FPS

BTW, my previously posted info contained some stupid errors. Most notably:
Load "dri"
wasn't commented out in my XF86Config, render acceleration was enabled, the logo was supressed, and the latter two options were in the Monitor section not the Device section. Fixing this made _absolutely_ no difference to the problems reported, but it's worth noting.

Thanks to all the NVidia driver developers, by the way, for the RENDER acceleration. I will buy nothing but NVidia for quite some time, simply because the drivers are vastly superior in quality to any other vendor or OSS driver. RENDER accel is just the most notable example - it at least doubles the performance of many of the common desktop apps I use.

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