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Lightbulb Best Monitor Under $130 USD?

Hello This is my first time posting on this forum so go easy on me.

Right now I have a HP 1280X1024 monitor
As you can see It is old and low res.

I have 130 to spend on a monitor.
I need help finding the best deal on a 1080P(1920X1080) screen.
The screen needs to have a mount or a place that I can run a strap through.
This screen will be hanging at a 5 degree angle facing down.
The screen size should be small as I will be sitting 13" from it.
Will be used mostly at night.
viewing angle is a not needed as I will always be right in front of it.
I will need a DVI cable with the monitor.(most come with, don't they?)
If you need more ask me.

Rig spex if need.

MoBo: ASrock 880g pro3
Cpu: phen II 945 be @ 4ghz
Cpu cooling: Coolit eco ALC (p&p)
Ram: corsair ven 16gig (4 gig x 4)ddr 1333
Gpu: Evga gtx 480 SC+ W high flow plate
Psu: corsair HX750w
Case: cheep $30 rosewill

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