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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

Originally Posted by dikinher View Post
Yes I own Skyrim. I haven't modded it at all. I only force SSAO via Nvinspector. The game doesn't crash at all. If it did, I would be expressing disappointment in this thread like everyone else. Sure, the game has bugs. What game in this day and age doesn't? But it isn't about bugs that I am talking about here. I am just trying to understand how this fix is beneficial when there are others who aren't getting these crashes and the game doesn't even use up 2gb of memory. It was designed for 32 bit Windows for God's sakes.
You wouldn't understand because you haven't modded your game at all. If you had, you'd know this isn't a placebo and that it's actually necessary for people with highly modded games. Basically you are claiming this fix is a placebo without ever having done the things that this fix is required for in the first place and that's ridiculous.

Let's say you bought a car and never drove it over 50 mph. Later it turns out that when the car reaches 75 mph it stalls. Someone releases a fix that keeps the car from stalling when it reaches 75 mph. Basically you're the genius that's telling everyone, "the fix is a placebo, my car has never stalled!", even though you wouldn't know one way or the other because you've never taken it that high.
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