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Default F16/290.06: Unstable FPS on Xeon/470, working just fine on Athlon 635/210.

Hello all,

As the title suggest, since the upgrade to Fedora 16 (coupled w/ 3.1 kernel and v290.06 drivers) I'm having extremely unstable fps on my Xeon workstation [1], while my reference machine [2] is showing no signs of having any type of performance issues.
Using the 2.6.39 kernel and v285 drivers, my Fedora 15 machine showed no signs of this issue.

While playing spring RTS or UT2004 the fps will be well-over 200fps, and every couple of seconds (no matter of the game is idle or active) the fps will drop down 30-40fps for a second or two (or even momentarily hang), and then jump back to the previous level.
In order to remove any type of external noise, I've disabled all the services and shut down all the VM's, and limited both games to cpuset 0,1 (to reduce the core hopping).
Memory usage was ~300MB out of 12GB.

Looking at mpstat, I could see that both games were eating their usual 95-100% CPU time until both suddenly drop to 50-70% CPU with systime being jumping to 30-50%.
As far as I could see, (using top and iotop) there was no sign of any external process jumping in.
I've tried to use oprofile to locate the reason for the sudden drop, but as far as I could see, there was none.

Machine specs:
[1] Workstation:
2 x Xeon 5680 (HT and VT are enabled; IO-VT is disabled.)
6 x 2GB RAM (6GB in each bank).
1 x GTX470 w/ v290.06 drivers.
5 x 320GB SATA in SoftRAID5.
Fedora 16, Linux 3.1.1.

[2] Reference:
1 x Athlon 635 (Quad core)
4 x 2GB RAM.
1 x GT210 w/ v290.06 drivers.
3 x 500GB RAM SoftRAID5.
Fedora 16, Linux 3.1.1.

Bug report attached.
Please let me know how I diagnose this issue.
(Rerun oprofile looking for something in particular?)

- Gilboa
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