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Default Re: Batman Arkham City 4 hours and counting!

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
played the game yesterday, you don't even have the game for pc, and yet you bitch about it.

better physics in game world (thank you nvidia!) all the small but pronouce physics in world are amazing.
3d vision (not my thing, but it has it)
dx11 tessalation
dx11 HBAA (don't remember the acronym)
option to play with keyboard and mouse
ease of steam, don't have to look for disc

download took, 80-90 minutes(, install took about 5 minutes
OH and zero ****ing issues, that so many people are bitching about.
But Nekro, you NEVER have issues. Ever. On nearly any game. And you always put the blame on the people having the problem who are looking for help.

I can't WAIT to fire the game up. It's sitting there, all ready to go..... but I have to travel and my PC is too big to take! DAMN IT!
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