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Default Re: Batman Arkham City 4 hours and counting!

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
This year it's been....

Brink - Released in a very very poor state.

Dead Island - Nicknamed Dev Island for a good reason

Rage - No need to say anything about this mess.

BF3 - To an extent it run's pretty well, but STILL it has some nasty issues.

Skyrim - Buggy as expected, when people find a work around themselves with the 4GB memory
patch, Bethesda release an update which prevents it from working. Good job!

Batman Arkham City - No DX11 working, 5 activation DRM Securom limit. May even be Securom to blame for poor performance.

Coming soon.

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Surely they can't get this wrong, it's the same game as Brotherhood with just new textures and story.

I am actually looking forward to the new Xbox now.
Brink - Can't comment, didn't buy it because i didn't care

Dead Island - Played it, no real problem, could have been better, Console have a lOT of issue too.. nothing to do with PC gaming

Rage - Problems with ATI drivers and all the other complain are about design, this HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PC GAMING.

BF3 - Never had a single problem in over 20 hours of gameplay.

Skyrim - Never had a CTD in over 20 hours of gameplay, never needed a 4gb limit patch, buggy but CONSOLE ARE AFFECTED ALSO.

Batman : DX11 is working, but buggy, you're right. Using DX9 and PHYSX the game run great (30FPS+ is great for me)

Next Xbox won't come out after 2014.. .so be prepare to enjoy you're 360 for at least Min 2 more years..
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