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Default Re: Batman Arkham City 4 hours and counting!

Originally Posted by Q View Post
But Nekro, you NEVER have issues. Ever. On nearly any game. And you always put the blame on the people having the problem who are looking for help.

I can't WAIT to fire the game up. It's sitting there, all ready to go..... but I have to travel and my PC is too big to take! DAMN IT!
umm, were did you get never from.

1) skyrim sound issue, fixed by decreasing audio quality
2) oblivion purple world fixed by disabling AO
3) civilization, batman aa, bf bc2 etc... fixed by having proper visual c+ redist installed (and not having every single one installed)

you can't deny that number one issue with anything computer related is located between the keyboard and chair.

it can be build related, os config related, running stupid driver cleaners, running registry cleaners, running os speed up tools, tweaks enabling/forcing RAM "saving" in OS, have 4-16GB of RAM USE! having daemon tools installed (that can cause game instability, and even damage optical drives) etc... all the above can later translate into game instability issues, and all are caused by number one issue above.
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