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Default Re: Batman Arkham City 4 hours and counting!

Originally Posted by ryoohki View Post
Brink - Can't comment, didn't buy it because i didn't care

Dead Island - Played it, no real problem, could have been better, Console have a lOT of issue too.. nothing to do with PC gaming

Rage - Problems with ATI drivers and all the other complain are about design, this HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PC GAMING.

BF3 - Never had a single problem in over 20 hours of gameplay.

Skyrim - Never had a CTD in over 20 hours of gameplay, never needed a 4gb limit patch, buggy but CONSOLE ARE AFFECTED ALSO.

Batman : DX11 is working, but buggy, you're right. Using DX9 and PHYSX the game run great (30FPS+ is great for me)

Next Xbox won't come out after 2014.. .so be prepare to enjoy you're 360 for at least Min 2 more years..
Your right about Rage, it did have nothing to do with PC gaming. Nothing at all, not even on it's menu. Worst "PC" game ever.

Carmack should retire and take his rubbish out of date and less effective than Direct X , Open GL nonsense with him.
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