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Default Re: New PC, looking for a direction!

Typical consensus is:
- drop AMD. Afraid that intel dominates lately

Top config (money no issue)
- Sandy bridge-E core i7 3830K

Medium high:
- 2600k + z68 chipset. Great but still a bit expensive

Best Value:
- 2500k + z68 chipset. OC great, reasonable price.

Memory is cheap, go for 8GB or more. Sandy Bridge is not very sensitive to memory, anything higher than DDR3-1600 is fine and price increases much faster than performance.

Video card: refresh is due after the new year on both sides.
Which side you prefer is your choice, but lately, AMD has had a lot more trouble with their drivers and new games than nvidia (Rage is an example).

GTX560Ti if you game at 1650x1050
GTX570 for 1080p
GTX580 for 3D/higher res.
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