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Default Re: Next XBox to use ARM cpu and Win9 core?

They failed to mention that MS owns/licenced the IP from ATI for the graphics in the 360, and are extremely unlikely to go elsewhere (nVidia) due to the hard ball tactics and issues they had with the original xbox.

Going with a x86 cpu is a problem in multiple ways, the first and foremost is that people will buy the 360next and use it as a cheap pc or whatnot instead of buying games and such for it, MS looses potential earnings. Also MS has learned that it is important to own or licence the IP for the bits they put inside, getting a x86 licence would be quite expensive regardless if it is from Intel or AMD.

Using ARM over PPC makes sense in that windows is already going that direction and they could use that with the 360next and reduce the number of architectures being supported by windows, however backwards compatibility would not be likely to be an option unless the ARM chip put in the box is significantly more powerful.
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