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Default Video tearing with GNOME 3.x

Morning all.

All over the net, there are reports of video tearing with Gnome 3.x and the official nvidia driver. Unfortunately there are no solutions or official words about it. So I'd like to bring this up here on the forum in the hopes that it sparks a response and maybe gets things moving into the right direction.

The problem is: There is no tearing with the desktop itself - only video playback has tearing and always at the same spot... in the upper 1/8 of the screen. No matter what I do. I tried VDPAU and OpenGL output, forced OpenGL sync via nvidia-settings and __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK but the tearing remained. Also from time to time, switching from the text console to X takes a few seconds for the desktop to appear. Everything is just fine under KDE with and without compositing though - no delays, no tearing, nothing at all.

Right now I am using the 290.10 drivers with kernel 3.0.9 on a Gentoo x86_64 system. The card is a Zotac GTX 470 AMP! (w/ msi active and no ondemandvblanks).

If you need any further informations and/or help testing potential fixes, please let me know and I will gladly help in any way possible.


So long,
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