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Default Re: Woohoo! Internet for PC, from your Android phone!

Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
Rooting voids warranty, and violates terms of service. I might in June when contract is up.

I didn't download all of Skyrim, just the activation and update, but its taking forever on DIALUP!
Rooting does NOT violate terms of service. I know somebody who works for sprint, they don't even care if you root it. In fact sprint even knew that the Nexus S 4G came with an easy unlock feature before it was released and they didn't care. Only certain OEM's (e.g. HTC) are against unlocking, but it doesn't mater because they can't dictate terms to you. You bought it, it's yours.

As for the warranty, it depends on the manufacturer. However if you are on TEP, it doesn't matter what the warranty policy is, it's covered no matter what. Provided you don't drop it under your car and run over it, or drop it in the toilet, TEP fully covers it.
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