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Default Re: Linux backlight driver

Originally Posted by bhb192 View Post
Okay you guys, I have some good news!

After fooling around with getting backlight controls to work on my Sony Vaio VPCCW17FX for a little over a year now...I've finally found the ideal solution.
I'm glad to see someone else with these Vaio's working on this problem! Thanks for the write up.

Originally Posted by bhb192 View Post
4) Compile (but don't install!) the new gnome-power-manager by typing this into the terminal:
[WARNING] [b]This package has a lot of dependencies![b] It will tell you if you are missing something, but you may have to go through this multiple times before you get all of the dependency packages installed. If apt-get says it can't find one, remember to replace the version number with * or possibly add the asterisk onto the end of the package name.
cd ~/gnome-power-manager
It may be overkill but I find it much simpler to just do the following to get the proper dependencies installed.
(Add sudo to the begining if you aren't root):
 # apt-get build-dep gnome-power-manager
ps. For anyone doing this now, I had to checkout an older version of gnome-power-manager just to even get the file mentioned. For current Debian Testing, do git checkout GNOME_POWER_MANAGER_3_0_2.
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