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Default Re: Official Serious Sam 3 Thread

well i've not played BF3 so i can only say VS Crysis... crysis still wins.

The Engine Looks Great..i had everything on ultra and was pulling 40+ FPS

The Textures don't look so sharp up close, but this is a Serious Sam game so who's got time to stand and look anyway with hordes of enemies wanting to rip you apart.

it's hard to describe the feeling i got when i first played it..

it almost feels like a mix of different games..

for me these games included: Stalker/Fear/Modern Warfare 1/Painkiller/Duke Nukem Forever.

and it's the first in the series where you can perform a melee attack up close..and rip off the kleer's head or the gnaar's eye..

But from what i've played it is a solid Serious sam Game .. and i can't wait to play coop

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